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Most of all, we understand the core processes of our customers and as a result are able to provide a focused, available, fast and professional service to companies that do not have the ability or time to engage in IT operations. The same companies are in a constant development race, recruiting employees, developing systems and more, only this activity consumes a lot of resources and energy from the management team. we provide a full operating envelope for companies in all IT issues for organizations.

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ELPC Networks Ltd is A leading dynamic and boutique company in the field of IT services. The company was founded in 2012 by Eli Levin and since then provides in-house & Outsource Computing and IT services. We specialize in establishing new business computing systems, construction of physical and cloud infrastructure, information security & cyber services, upgrading server systems and virtualization, SOC & NOC services, Outsourcing services for high-tech companies, professional services, integration & project management services for hundreds of organizations and companies, leading in the business sector in Israel. All our technicians are very professional and have excellent interpersonal skills and creative solutions. 

We have set ourselves a goal – provide an excellent, fast and focused service with solutions that are tailored to each company individually that help solves technological challenges and help with constant innovation. We would love for you to challenge us.

Understanding business, working with people

We believe that the operation of the computer and IT system in the office should be carried out by a professional and skilled IT department and not take away from the work time of the managers or staff of the office, by assimilating IT staff at the client's home or regular and preventative remote maintenance. Comprehensive IT services for businesses with an emphasis on the interpersonal connection between managers, between technicians and company employees, ensures quality of service, belonging and success. The company employs a professional and skilled system team with rich years of experience in the field of computing and infrastructure, which brings a fresh breeze to the IT worlds. This issue bridges the gaps in the accessibility of computing to all businesses out of the need to build a high-quality and strong understanding of the envelope of computing solutions for the business

IT services are the understanding of any business. In recent years the acceleration of the development of technology has led to many changes among businesses. Our job is to create order for you and peace between all the technologies. Reach one goal – the success of your business to run forward quietly. A company that provides IT services needs to specialize in all areas. Ranging from network maintenance, mail services, information security, database management, information security, cyber, integration and more. Our work includes mapping the entire computer system, installing the software, routine maintenance of the system and especially solving the problems and glitches when they occur. Each technician works in his field of expertise and the combination of forces creates a winning team of experts. IT services are the core of any business from the smallest to the largest.


IT and computing services for businesses is a major concept in the world of computing – IT services consist of a considerable number of services such as: routine maintenance, infrastructure management, information security management, computing support, help desk, etc. From computer technician services at the customer's home to preventive care and server maintenance, from remote technical support services to the establishment of communication infrastructure. Information security services and communication operations. You can run the computer services company from the professionalism in the field, but if the service is poor, this is what your customers will remember from you. The success of organizations today depends largely on the smart and proper management of computer systems. This advanced management is an essential infrastructure for the existence of each and every organization and the choice of service provider is crucial in their conduct and achievements.

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Few steps and your company is runs differently  


We provide a range of managed cloud services to businesses. Virtual servers, cloud backup, business continuity, remote desktop, information security as a service and more. Although cloud computing has become one of the buzzwords we have encountered in the last decade, unlike the other buzzwords, due to its efficiency, it not only did not fade like any other hot trend, but also settled, established and became the best solution offered to businesses, companies and organizations of various sizes. Run your business from anywhere at any time and in full sync. From today you no longer have to buy hardware, software or worry about installation or availability. Cloud computing: No need to purchase servers and licenses, no need to hire IT people and information security, and no need for IT services Secure critical information storage. Cloud computing is the ability of any business today to use software and resources without investing in purchasing equipment and control from anywhere in the world.


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We are sure that your business deserves peace and security, that is why we are here

We at ELPC Networks Ltd are committed to the success of our customers and are committed to providing a true long-term partnership through professional, reliable service and full support for any need that arises. Providing a computer service that is measured not only during the response when there is a malfunction, but also in control and monitoring systems that perform preventive and 24/7 monitoring of the computer, IT and communication systems in the business, thus minimizing the need for technicians and malfunctions that interfere with the agenda. Repeated and frustrating glitches thus leaving the business the core activity of the liability without worrying about computing.Our IT services department provides a wide selection of solutions in the field of computing for businesses.

Business computer services work with people, our top value is customer service and human capital, first working with people, it is important for us to create a common and uniform language, in which you will see us as a family, the family ELPC Networks Ltd. We provide computer services to businesses and the basis is the idea of ​​outsourcing the operation of computer and communication systems in the company and leaving direct management of the core activities only. This method allows the organization to focus on its area of ​​expertise, invest the most resources in it and release it from its commitment to handling computing in the business, thus streamlining economic activity and business continuity.


When the whole world is aware of the cyber epidemic, organizations must continue to run forward but not always, if at all. There is the time to stop, explore, observe and draw conclusions. To that end, we come with thousands of hours of experience in cyber management and information security, researching, adapting and implementing the appropriate legality for your organization. We will monitor, alert, block damages and, if necessary, intervene in any routine and emergency management process that may be necessary. Awareness and management of information security for companies from the smallest to the largest, today it is not a trivial matter but a must.

Today, in a world where information is one of the hot topics in the business and private sector, it is important to plan and get to know the computing assets that drive information. Whether you are a small or large business, your information is worth a lot. Whether it’s for a company, competitors or malicious organizations trying to pump out information and plant spyware on the information. The information security industry is rolling in billions of dollars every year and more. Information security equipment, training of company employees, conducting risk surveys and strategy, building security and defense systems, poles for the day after and more are important to take into account in any business.

Choosing the right protection system for your organization is no small matter. Information security is an activity that aims to protect computer systems from the risks that threaten them. This security includes physical security of the structure in which the computer systems are located, security of the hardware and software systems and security of the information stored in them. Many databases, used by individuals, corporations, and countries, are located on computers with Internet access. In addition, even repositories separated from the Internet can be damaged through direct non-network access. These databases include personal, business and security information. A key component of the information security field is the protection of these databases from unauthorized access to information.

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Our company specializes in consulting and setting up active and passive communication infrastructures, setting up server rooms and advanced communication systems. In today's technological age, communication infrastructure is an integral part of the quality of computing in business. The business and all the computer systems rely on strong and smart communication infrastructures, which accompany the customer for years and years. Establishing communication infrastructures in an efficient and smart manner contributes greatly to the company's computer system to grow, enabling employees to become more efficient and get the most out of the company's computer system. In the modern world communication infrastructure is a very important component in our lives. Elpc Networks provides a wide range of communication solutions to enjoy quality and advanced communication. Our company specializes in the establishment and planning of communications infrastructure for new offices, startups, server farms, communications infrastructure for public institutions, communications infrastructure for sales centers and more.

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ELPC Networks Ltd, is a company specializing in providing computer services, consulting and construction of IT infrastructure, project management, cloud computing, outsourcing of experts, establishment of computer and communication systems, providing computer services to the business and institutional sector, establishment and management of communications infrastructure. Professionalism, meeting goals, availability, humanity. All of these and more accompany us on a daily basis in our ongoing work with clients, project managers, contractors, company owners and more. The company was established in 2012, with the aim of changing the concept of service and striving to be a leader in the IT market in Israel.

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